5/18: Texas Live - Pour your Heart Out Painting Event

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Join us at Troy's @ Texas Live in Arlington, TX on 5/18 at 6:30 pm!  

Let's learn how to pour!  During this class you will learn how to mix the paint with the pouring mediums, watch technique tutorials done by ColorHype and get to complete a piece or pieces on your own on an 8x10 canvas. Please note one ticket equals one setup. If you purchase the two canvas option, that is meant for one person to do 2 different canvases. If you want multiple people to participate, each person must have their own ticket.  Grab your friends and let's paint!

Your first drink is included in your ticket!

PLEASE NOTE - Each person participating must have their own ticket. The two canvas option is meant for one person to paint 2 canvases. Not meant to be shared. Thanks!
Important info: When you leave you will be taking the pieces with you, they will be wet for up to 24 hours after you leave. You will be given a box to sit the pieces on to help protect your car. You will not be allowed to leave the pieces at the location. By signing up for this class you are accepting full responsibility for any damages to your personal property, which may be caused by paint and/or any other materials taken away from the class.