10/10: Reunion Tower: Acrylic Pouring Flip Cup or Dipped Coasters

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Come join us at Reunion Tower on Sunday evening, October 10th at 5:00 pm! We will be on Cloud 9 and taking the entire 360 degree view as we slowly rotate to take all of the beautiful Dallas views. We will be learning how to acrylic pour using a flip cup or dipping a set of hexagon ceramic coasters. Don't know what this process looks like? Just google "Acrylic Pouring" or go to facebook.com/paintwithcolorhype and you'll see all kinds of fun pieces!

Acrylic pouring classes are becoming increasingly popular. During this class you will learn how to mix the paint with the pouring mediums, watch technique tutorials done by Chelsey and get to complete a piece or pieces on your own.  If you choose the Flip Cup option, you'll receive an 8x10 canvas plus all other materials needed.  If you choose the Dipped Pour Coasters, you'll receive a set of coasters to dip.  Both tutorials will be taught on site.  

Please note: The 2 canvas option is meant for one person to paint 2 canvases. Same goes for the set of 8 coasters.  For each person wanting to paint please purchase a separate ticket.

Important info: When you leave you will be taking the pieces with you, they will be wet for up to 24 hours after you leave. You will be given a box to sit the pieces on to help protect your car. You will not be allowed to leave the pieces at the location. By signing up for this class you are accepting full responsibility for any damages to your personal property, which may be caused by paint and/or any other materials taken away from the class. Please note - ColorHype is not responsible for paint shifting off of the canvas when you leave the venue. This happens due to jostling in the car from a long ride sometimes. Since we aren't allowed to leave them at the venues, please be sure to be okay with just making this about the experience at the class. My suggestion is if you come to the class and LOVE the process, go home, take the notes I provide and try it on your own but be sure to leave it untouched after the pour for 24 hours. Thanks for understanding!