8x10 CUSTOM Image Paint by Number Kit

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Want to create your own custom image as a Paint by Number kit?  This kit comes with everything needed.  The colors will be in greyscale or sepia so please choose which option you would like.  We'll convert your image to black and white for you or sepia tones and then create the paint by number image.  You'll email the image to chelsey@paintwithcolorhype.com.

Things to keep in mind about the photo you submit:

- numbers will be small

- we will cut out the background to ensure the subject is easy to see

- if it's a landscape image we can leave the background but please notate that to us when you email the photo.

What's included in the kit? 

  • 8x10 pre-printed and numbered canvas panel (want a larger size?  Please reach out to us and we can coordinate this as an option).
  • Photo of the final image as a guide
  • 2 brushes 
  • Paints numbered to correlate with the painting.  If you choose greyscale it will be 7 colors from white to black with shades of grey in between.  For sepia it's a more brown tone so it goes from white to black as well with shades of brown in between.