Pre-Mixed Pouring Paint (Entire Line - 22 Bottles)

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ColorHype's pouring paint is great for the beginner or experienced pouring artist.  Purchasing this item you will be getting one of every color in the size you specify at checkout.  There are 22 bottles in the pouring paint line.  The photos are listed below of each color.  You can purchase the sample (2 oz) size, the 8 oz bottles or the 16 oz bottles.  

The 22 bottles include: Cherry Red, Passion Pink, Fine Wine, Bubblegum, Sugarplum, Lavender, Coral, Sky Blue, Baby Blue, Seafoam, Deep Sea, Emerald City, Grassy Green, Island Time, Ivory, Onyx, Rusty Copper, Fool's Gold, Silver Mist, Citrus Orange, Mustard, and Lemon Yellow.