Dipped Acrylic Pour Kit DIY - Sea Animal Cutouts

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This kit comes with everything for you to do your own dipped acrylic pour sea animals at home!  The difference between the other acrylic pouring kits is that this one has you pour the paint onto the tray and then dip the ornaments into the mixture.  

Here's what it includes:

- 4 acrylic paint colors 

- White acrylic paint

- Tray for dipping

- 8 Sea Animal Cutouts and 2 Wooden Discs for dipping

- 2 papers for extra dipping fun

- Sticks for stirring

- Silicone to create cells

- Gloves  

- Paper Towel

- Straw for blowing

- An online video tutorial to guide you through the process

- Glitter that correlates with your scheme